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Neteller in the stock market…again

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    Well this may be of interest more to European and Asian customers than to US since they will no longer be customers of this wallet.

    Trading on Neteller shares was restored on 25th July.

    On January 16, trading was suspended and Neteller closed at 175.75p.

    On 25th July, trading was resumed and Neteller opened at 55p. Now, the shares are around 80p.

    I know that the drop between 176 and 80 is massive, of 55%, but regarding Neteller statement saying revenues will drop 70-75% this year, I think investors believe this company is here to stay and to grow again. Online payments is an area that is growing, and Neteller has all the things they need to grow again and this time with a more diversified portfolio of businesses instead of concentrating on a single area.

    All the agreement with US seems strange because Neteller did not fight. They could leave with a better agreement and without paying the amount they agreed to, but I think this was like an extortion. US Knew Neteller need to resume trading in AIM. They knew Neteller would agree to the agreement in order to avoid a situation in which they won’t recover. So, I think Neteller made this agreement in order to resume trading, to avoid being banned from AIM, and to put their recovery plan on the table. The agreement is a major blow to Neteller, but fighting that, could be letal to them.

    I think they are here to stay.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)