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My symposium for today: Barney Frank…

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    Barney Frank… “A Vulcher in Sheeps Clothing?”

    Anyone who has read the new Bill (HR 2046) from the affiliate standpoint is much to be desired. In fact, people like me feel it will ultimately kill the affiliate business once and for all. I think the real question that remains is What is Franks Real motive in his bill?, Who’s best interest is he really looking out for; Gamblers, Vegas Casinos, IRS??

    Two weeks ago IMEGA (Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association) filed for a temporary injunction against the UIGEA in NJ District court. This has been filed, apperently; and the appropriate parties have officially been served accoding to Gambling911. With this injuction firmly in the courts Barney’s Bill may ultimately be moot and unnecessary, right? Barney said himself the reason behind HR 2046 was to undue the travesty oppressed on the American Public last year. If this injunction / stay is inacted (which I feel they will be given a temporary injunction), so the whole UIGEA can be reviewed in Federal Court, then whats the purpose of HR 2046 moving forward? The UIGEA may no longer be law after this case is done.

    So thats where Motivation comes in. Where does Barney’s Motivation really lay? If it looks like the UIGEA will be overturned in court, but our friend Frank still presses for the passage of HR 2046, it will be painfully obvious his dedication lay with Vegas and American Casinos. So unlike he has stated all along he is here to represent the American Online gamer, he’s not. He is using our sentimate and frusteration over the UIGEA to fuel his own agendas in getting American Casinos in the mix so the Fed’s yet have another vehicle to generate tax revenue. In the meantime, killing the affiliate market off with one stroke of a pen, off to oblivia.

    We need to be careful what we wish for. Right now we maybe using Barneys Bill as a rallying call. But if IMEGA is successful in overturning the UIGEA, we may very well be seeing ourselves fighting against Barney in order to save our own income. Funny time isn’t it? We are not real content with the way things have been progressing, but it looks like it might get a hell of alot worse. Especially, for us affilates.

    It’s truely wait and see time…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)