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Most reasonable casino game?

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    Im trying to figure out which land-based casino game is the most legitimate and can be won by skill. Not just luck. For awhile I thought I could continue to always win when playing blackjack…but now that seems out the window.

    Like the other day I played my best at Atlantic City… wagering the same amount every single time…and not rising higher with my bet when I was losing… yet I still lost in the end. I memorized the strategy guide and still lost. It seems at some point you have to “gamble” in every casino game there is. (in my case I would of had to raise the bet amount higher when I was losing..which I hate to do)

    But if there was one casino game in Atlantic City , Vegas or whatever , which one would you say could be won slightly more then the rest by using Real skill ? (and not cheating)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)