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    Press Release
    For Immediate Release

    K9 Poker Room


    Costa Rica – July 29th, 2007

    Tired of the same ol same ol? K9 Poker Room breaks the mold with its new and exciting poker site. “We at K9 Poker Room wanted to be different and not offer the same looking site as everyone else and the same games and promotions as everyone else. Our motto is not the biggest or the baddest but most definitely the most FUN!” says Affiliate Manager, Neil T (DangerMouse). K9 Poker Room offers more than a thousand games at any given time throughout the day. They currently offer Hold’Em, Omaha, Omaha H/L, Stud, Stud H/L, Tournaments and SitNGo’s for play chips and real money so you can take your choose. K9 Poker Room also offers the first TRUE 50% Rakeback that a player can actually deposit themselves. Once a player rakes any hand they can go to their account screen and view the rake sitting in a holding account for them. When they would like it deposited into their account they can click “Deposit Rakeback” and it will instantly be transfer red into their account.

    K9 Poker Room is the FIRST poker site to offer dog avatars and cat dealers. What better way than to offer the two things that were born to hate each other and put them on a poker table. Blame the CAT if you get bad beats because our random card generator is the most accurate and fair RCG on the market today. If you are tired of the constant bad beats of other poker sites then you will enjoy the break while at K9 Poker Room. “Having played on more than 200 other poker sites, I got tired of seeing the same runner runner cards coming to allow the worst hand to win. I got tired of seeing the same avatars over and over and most importantly the same old promotions. We have lost the fun in poker yet K9 Poker Room brings it back,” says, Brian K (5thStBully), a professional player at K9 Poker Room.

    With Daily Freerolls and weekly Forum/Skins Challenges along with Ring Games for any ability of poker player, K9 Poker Room plans to take a huge bite out of the Online Poker industry. They currently offer 100% Deposit Bonus as well as the standard 50% Rakeback, tournament prizes that include Money Added events, Championship RING events, All Bounty events, iPod Giveaways, Cruise Packages and many, many other options. K9 Poker Room also offers games as low as .01/.02 up to 50/100 NL. Need a specific table or tournament for your friends or associates? Just email and we will post it for you immediately. Need a password protected SNG or Tournament? Again, just email us and we will post it for you immediately.

    Do you have a website? Can you refer players to K9 Poker Room? K9 Poker Room offers up to 35% Revenue Share for all affiliates. Explanations and How To can be found on the home page of However should you need further assistance, we have a LIVE SUPPORT waiting to answer ALL of your questions.

    So ask yourself this, would you like to bring the excitement back into online poker? Take a BITE out of the same ol same ol and join K9 Poker Room for some exciting action.

    K9 Poker Room – Where the BIG DAWGS play!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)