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Italian ISP block

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    I’ve been told by someone from your program that Italy has an ISP block on Bet365 and that I shouldn’t waste my time promoting your Italian language site. Now I see your banner on two or three big Italian portals. Are they completely out of the loop or is the information I was given incorrect and I can advertise in Italy?


    bet365 has special backup tracking url for Italy market.

    try these:

    And I also have a lot of other backup urls.


    Well thanks. But I am still waiting on an official reply from them. SO it seems the person who told me that was misinformed and kept me from promoting a good place for about half a year. What an epic bummer!


    HEEEEEEEEEELLLO??????? Is there anyone who could reply to my question please?


    Email communication was sent at around end of September that our system would no longer support tracking URLs for the Italian language (ie. no more Italian trackers nor creatives)

    Affiliates for which default language settings and tracker was Italian has been defaulted to English. These affiliates may continue to promote us using any of our languages which you will see in our Creative Gallery.
    There were no changes to the way affiliates earn commissions, or the way Referred Customers are tracked – affiliates continue to earn Referral Commission based on the net revenue of your Referred Customers as before.

    Any banners currently showing are from affiliates who have chosen to keep promoting bet365. Note that we have always stressed that there is no certainty that banners and tracking URLs will work if not found in our affiliate system.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)