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Input For New Community Game

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    I got to thinking after reading a few threads how funny some of our members are here, and I have an idea that might bring a little fun to the community. A little game, we will have to come up with a name—-but here goes.

    We all come up with a particular theme for a day once a month and those who want to participate will be in character for the day. It could be a 60s theme, where all your posts you will write like a hippy. Groovy Baby. Or perhaps the theme for the day is American Indian, where you have many thoughts and have spoken your words with wisdom. Must have your own indian name for that one BTW. Or maybe a heehaw country folk from the 1820s, is der gold in dem der hills or did the creek run dry Johhny. Maybe even the professor could keep the theme a secret and we all have to follow suit and guess the theme on our own. Thers a lot of different things we could do with it, and I know the creative minds here could come up with a bunch of ideas in good taste.

    It’s just a thought. It might be refreshing and take the monotony out of our daily routines once a month, you might even look forward to it. Any thoughts.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)