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How do WJ convert for you?

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    I have been looking into WJ but I haven´t been promoting them for now.
    Greg phonerd me before christmas an seemd to be a nice guy :)

    Now, do they convert?


    I’ve found them to convert just fine.

    On one site, I have cheap-ass players, but on another making over 400 for just one.

    For me, it’s approx. one player for every 75 – 100 visitors, which is about average.

    While I seem to get a player for every 40 visits from a few programs, I think that’s the luck of the draw more than anything program/casino specific.

    Haven’t promoted WJ long enought to assess player retention, tho.


    I also have to admit that we have had the same old boring promos running on automatic for G_D knows how long and that has changed.Players are getting offers and the last weekend with certain games on different payrates has them playing again .Look to some major improvements on all of the sites.

    Have a great day guys


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)