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Global Poker continues to piss off players

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    Global Poker is one of those sites who is attempting to circumvent the law in the USA. They are using the old “sweepstakes” excuse to try to operate a real money gambling website under the guise of it being for “gold coins” and not US Dollars.

    Just like every other attempt at using the sweepstakes exception to circumvent gambling laws, this will fail under the microscope of the courts. However, that time has not yet come.

    Instead, we get to hear all about the misdeeds of Global Poker on the various internet forums such as 2+2 and Reddit’s /r/onlinepoker. Lets list those misdeeds shall we?

    traffic going down – there used to be tons of high stakes games, like, a dozen or more even during mid day. Now, not so much!

    removal of games – due to the lack of liquidity in the games, they are now removing some stakes. Not only that, they are removing other formats. It’s a sad state of affairs folks.

    the cashier sucks – when they went live it was all this hoopla about them accepting PayPal. That PayPal knew about them and it was perfectly legal and accepted! Then PP dropped their ass like a stone. Now they use WorldPay and surprise, things are not as fast or as smooth. Go figure!

    My advice is to spend your money elsewhere, Global Poker is not worth the hassle and headache!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)