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    Inactive has an exciting linkbaiting offer for you! is one of the fastest growing gambling news portals on the web, in fact we are seeing our traffic increase quite a bit over the last few months. news articles are listed on Google News and Google Blog Search within the hour they’re published, therefore YOUR links will be seen, by thousands of unique visitors monthly!

    First 20 Orders Will Be taken!

    The marjority of our traffic comes from Google News, Google Organic Search results, and Links from major national publications.

    That includes direct visitors, as well as visitors from RSS feeds that are picked up from, additionally, news posts are picked up and emailed out to thousands of people via google news and blog alerts.


    $50 dollar for each site reference (Your site will be featured in a News story!) , sites must qualify, I’m only offering one per day, so get them while the getting is good smile.gif .. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me, or catch me on skype – LadyHoldem.

    Grab a package while they’re available and get 4 baiting deals, per week, for a month for just – $750. (A $50 savings!)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)