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Community driven websites

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    As some of you can tell I have jumped back into the affiliate seat, and making most of my income as an affiliate even though I am doing some consultancy as well on the side.

    I hae a question I would like to pose as I recently launched a website of mine and I plan this website to operate as a user driven site. Even though I see many signups coming through and users registering I find very few actually comment or make remarks or votes on brands. Basically the users have the ability to vote on what is the best brand out there and by votes the brands will be placed in the listings and the best and worse will come to light.

    Any ideas? on how I can prompt users to start using the website to their full advantage? Do loyalty programs work? I get the traffic and that is no concern and make commissions but I want my users to become more involved?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)