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    Hi guys! I’m just about to slam some serious content into Poker Freeroll tour, and then beat it with an SEO bat for a bit.

    We’ll also be opening league play back up for both freerolls, high rollers and offering some big prizes for mid level players, in effort to really get the forum moving smile.gif We have some HOT prizes slated for the next few months (if poker rooms want to sponsor an event, hook up with me asap!

    Since I cannot edit this post after making it, please be sure to scroll down to the end and make sure there are still spots available before reserving yours.

    We have 5 remaining index page spots available going go for $10 each, also 1 remaining 125×125 spot on the left-hand side of the index page (25 a month) and a 486×60 for 65 per month up at the top.

    Text Links

    $10 per month
    3 word anchor texts

    Click Here to sign up.

    125×125 banner spots (Only 2 available!)

    Click here to sign up smile.gif

    468×60 – One Spot Available!

    Click Here to sign up smile.gif

    Please be sure to include your preferred anchor texts, url, and email address with all orders .



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