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CelebPoker Upgrades software – boost retention

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    Hey Everyone. We have heard a lo of great feedback from your players this week and wanted to let everyone know CelebPoker is stepping up their game in order to make your players happier and boost the retention rates. In addition to more upgrades here are a few that are making a difference!

    Player notes

    The player notes functionality gives players a comprehensive tool to keep track of their opponents. The player clicks on the icon on the opponent’s avatar and types the text in the shown dialogue window. Notes are shown for players that are logged in and are sitting at the same table.

    Table & Tournament filters

    New filter buttons have been added which makes it more convenient for players to locate the kind of tables they are interested in.

    Table Pot shown on table

    As additional information, the total amount in the pot is presented on the table. The amount includes the amount in the main pot as well as the sum of all currently placed bets on the table.

    Winning cards are highlighted

    When the winning hand has been determined, the cards that make up that hand are highlighted.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)