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Casino Rewards conversion rate

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    Hi all,

    Normally, I get at least one new depositing player for every 300 clicks (roughly). With Casino Rewards, though, getting a new depositing player seems very difficult.

    My June CR stats:

    Clicks: 1,232
    Downloads: 16
    Registrations: 6
    New Players: 0

    In June I wasn’t actively promoting them (they were at the bottom of the list) — but still — shouldn’t 1,200 clicks result in at least one new depositing player?

    I’d be interested to see how others are faring with CR. How many clicks does it take you to get a new depositing player? :tooconfus

    Thanks in advance.


    For G&C


    clicks 5250
    downloads 636
    registrations 386
    new players 73


    clicks 5298
    downloads 777
    registrations 503
    new players 100

    May was financially a ton better than June though.

    I do presell, by the time the players get there they know exactly what to expect, have compared promos and consciously chosen one.




    I think I’m the same boat you’re in


    Thankfully the 1 was a decent player.





    Thanks for the info, eveyone. Maybe those casinos just don’t work on my sites… maybe I need to rewrite the reviews or something. I don’t know.

    Thanks again.


    wow it is interesting seeing these jumping #’s though


    Well, we’re halfway through July, and I still haven’t been able to get a single new depositing player at Casino Rewards.

    Here are my numbers so far this month:

    Clicks: 2,058
    Downloads: 33
    Registrations: 24
    New Players: 0

    Anyone have any thoughts on WTF is going on?

    For the first half of the month, I gave them 8 of my best spots. Yesterday, I finally got fed up with the lack of results, so I put Golden Reef (CPS) in my #1 spot across all sites (previously I had Captain Cooks in that spot). Within hours, I had a new depositing player at Golden Reef. Coincidence? I don’t know.

    It just baffles me that I can send over 2,000 clicks to Rewards without getting a single depositing player.

    The poor results can’t be due to the warm weather, because I have been getting new players elsewhere (CPS, Mainstreet, Virgin Games, and Brightshare, mostly). These places had less exposure than Rewards during the first half of the month, yet they performed better. :confused:


    For me Rewards is steady as she goes, but reef – it is stuck at 1 player and I think something like $2.50. :tongue:

    I dearly love Trish and Jon and am leaving them untouched for now still, but is the third month like that.

    Not sure what it is, Dave, but since I have been in the biz I have seen contradicting results like that.

    The only thing I have learned from it is to follow my own results and not be swayed by the reports of others.


    Hi all,

    experiencing same as many….. not getting my “bang for the buck”

    but i don’t blame CR. I think they are having trouble with deposit methods and I DO know they are making efforts to solve this problem but have been asked to keep it on the quiet side for now.

    I trust them and truly believe they are making efforts to solve problems they are experieincing and think that many other casinos are just a breath away from same.

    which means CR is while having trouble now…. taking aggressive efforts to solve problems that are soon to come for most others.

    that’s just my take. I never lie or take favorites even if its a program I favor as i have proven in recent previous posts that i have fallen off at CR considerably.

    I think they are cutting-edge and will eventually be ahead of the game IMHO.

    so if you have faith in my posts….. then have faith in CR. at least for the next few months to give them time.

    I’d be the first ….. and have been to say when they have fallen off. but i don’t think its them as much as it is that they have either fallen into a situation where they are targeted first ….. or simply have ended up first to what many programs face in the future. I DO know they are making efforts to solve problems. ….. can’t say whether or not they will work but its comforting to know they are making an effort which I CAN say many don’t.

    just my 2 cents.


    I have to add that rewards is not performing as well as pre-UIGEA by far. I didn’t mean to say that.

    Since UIGEA it has fallen off, but not terribly like some others.

    It is steady lately with a spike every few months, almost reaching pre-uigea levels.

    I assume this has to do with deposit methods.

    I also want to say that I will not punish programs that are trying to do the right thing by not accepting deposits when they are unsure of how to manage the payouts. I have got to hold that in their favor.

    In the end, we need happy players. Taking deposits without making sure payouts are in place are just a sign that this program is thinking only in the short term anymore.

    I want programs that are planning to be here and have player confidence in the future.

    Dominique wrote:
    For me Rewards is steady as she goes, but reef – it is stuck at 1 player and I think something like $2.50.Ha — Reef is one of my best performers. Go figure. :highflyer
    Hmm… who else performs badly for you? Maybe I should promote them heavily. :tongue:

    bb1webs wrote:
    so if you have faith in my posts….. then have faith in CR. at least for the next few months to give them time.

    I’m definitely hoping for the best. I really want things to “work” with Rewards. They’re a good, reputable group, they communicate (very important), they have new banners all the time, and they have a lot of nice casinos to choose from. Renee and Yaniv are both great.

    In the short term, I will probably need to cut back on their exposure, but in the future, I probably will give them another shot. If this was any other program, I’d probably dump them for good.

    Anyway — thanks Dom and bb1.


    CR fell off a cliff for me in terms of revenues in March (90%+) and they have never returned to anything approaching normal performance. I love them and think they are great people, but they have SEVERE banking problems and these problems have existed for months.

    I am certian they are dilligently searching for solutions and for their sake and ours I hope something comes up soon.

    FYI here is my July numbers with them



    Hmm… who else performs badly for you? Maybe I should promote them heavily.

    Vegas Partners, despite having a promo that works well for others and having been given a decent chance.

    Ditto for Casino Share.


    Hi all,

    as most know ……I’m a big CR supporter.

    I can’t say … for security and frankly its too new for me to even answer questions if you PM’ed me … but I do know they’re seeking answers to the deposit / withdrawal situation in an aggressive manner.

    I say that because I’m often the tester of such approaches and its true not every attempt has worked.

    the point is ……they’re aggressively trying and not sitting on their asses

    my income has too.. fell off ….. I believe i mentioned. And most that know me know that i waste no time telling it like it is…… but i still have faith in them and that is because i know they’re trying. …

    many programs have not. they’ve simply given up.

    I wouldn’t shelve them just yet though i understand the frustration. I’m losing too. But I don’t blame them for reason that they’re not trying. I also think they’ll eventually find a way that puts them back on top. Just my 2 cents.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)