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    Community Goals:
    The goal of the Affiliate Programs community is to provide a professional environment where Affiliates can interact, make contacts and learn from experts.

    Discussion Leader Goals:
    The goal of a discussion leader is to help build engaging and education discussion the forums. Each leader is given watch over a specific area of the forums. Because there are a limited amount of Admins & Moderators, discussion leaders will be valuable to new members of the forums as they can pay more personal attention. Discussion leaders are welcoming committees and thought leaders all rolled up into one.

    Discussion leaders will also help answer questions that pop up. Each leader has been designated a specific forum because of their expertise in the area. Leaders should help answer questions that newer affiliates have, (even if they’ve been asked before, because we all had to start somewhere…) and encourage others to do so.

    A discussion leader will be a visible character in the forums and might get PMs now and again. All leaders should keep an eye on their PMs and make sure they are logging into the forums at least a few times per week.

    Finally, discussion leaders are to act as professionals in the forums and set an example for all leaders. They are expected to be free from flame wars, insults and personal attacks of any kind. As a leader, community members will trust your word, please do not make statements on behalf of CAP that are based on speculation. If you haven’t heard it directly from CAP management, it would be best not to say anything.

    What A Discussion Leader Can Do:

    To help with the process of completing the discussion leader tasks, all leaders have been granted certain privileges. These include; access to the private CAP Leadership Forum, increased PM count and inclusion of the CAP Leader title.

    If ever you see a post or user that is questionable, you can contact a moderator through PM or by creating a new thread in the CAP Leadership Forum.

    What A Discussion Leader Can Not Do:

    Discussion leaders may not; ban users, delete threads, edit or close threads or make threats of performing any of these actions. They are expected to live up to the same standards any user must abide by and should act as an example.

    Note that discussion leaders are not moderators and do not have certain powers that are given only to moderators.

    When In Doubt:

    If ever there is an issue a discussion leader is unsure about, they should avoid taking action and refer the issue to a moderator or administrator. Feel free to can contact Dom, Christine, Gregger or Arjun.

    Welcome aboard!

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