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    BrightShare and StatsRemote have teamed up to bring you a 10-day free trial at StatsRemote –

    BrightShare is pleased to announce that in cooperation with StatsRemote, we are offering BrightShare affiliates a free 10-day trial of this new easy-to-use program for the collection of your affiliate stats.

    With a few clicks a day you can see all the stats of all your affiliate partner programs in one quick glance. StatsRemote does all the work for you – eliminating the need to login to each affiliate program separately to keep track of your stats.

    But why should I ramble on….. read all about it in our latest Newsletter.

    Or go directly to StatsRemote and sign-up for your free 10-day trial.

    We’re sure you’ll find StatsRemote a great asset in running your affiliate business.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)