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as requested … lets talk predatory terms Nic of Gambling Wages

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    Hi Nic,

    honored your request.

    let talk predatory terms.

    Please tell me how it is justified I send a whale ….. and then because of your predatory terms …. have to pay somebody to sign up every month to cover my ass (and I been thru this before … and that’s exactly how you counteract that matter) ….. but the matter of fact is …… I shouldn’t have to do that.

    its no the $50 it costs me ….. hell I spend a lot more than that testing …

    its the point of the matter. Players sent by affs …. would not be there otherwise …….. Oh I get it! you only appreciate us when times are good ….. but ready to feed us to the sharks when we have a bad run.

    Yet at same time ….. expect our loyalty towards programs … oh that pay late for instance … ring a bell?

    we can forgive that …. but our partners …. whom I remind again …. wouldn’t have that player we sent …. (and I send some big ones but not on consistent basis …. especially hard to sell RTGs because of their inherent bad reps …… )……. well its okay for them to use intimidation on us ….

    I don’t exactly call that a friendly, trusting kind of partnership.

    Do you? Not blaming you … but there’s way too much of this attmepted crap and most casinos see the light and pull these kind of terms.

    I suggest all things considered you talk to your people and take that out. I know its the difference between me joining or not ….. the bonus/credit thing aside. and considering there is an entire (very respected site) dedicated to exposing predatory terms on aff programs ….. I think it carries some weight.

    all I have to say. have a good night…. I know its late for you. but seriously …. talk to your people …

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)