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    I have space available on a number of poker and gaming sites which I have listed below.

    Prices are great value, starting from just $4.95 / month!

    Payment can be accepted by Paypal, Neteller or bank transfer.

    Sites Available:

    DeuceAce Poker Forum
    Flop Or Fold British and Irish Poker Forum
    RakebackBob Rakeback Directory

    Non Stop Arcade

    About DeuceAce

    DeuceAce is a PR4 poker forum and portal which has an average of over 15,000 unique visitors every month, over 1500 registered members and over 10,000 posts, full stats are available.

    DeuceAce now has a great brand and is well known among poker players, we have a loyal
    membership base, quality content, unique custom poker video tutorials and a new free
    poker calculator which can be attached to most online poker networks.

    96% of search engine traffic is coming from Google and thousands of pages are indexed on
    the major search engines – 11149 right now – This is really good for gaining great,
    related backlinks for SEO and ranking.

    We have given away over $3000 in prizes for competitions and tournaments and a lot more
    is planned this year which included our first televised game in March.

    A few companies that have sponsored DeuceAce include Mansion Poker, Island Poker, Pacific
    Poker, Paradise Poker, and other big names as evidence that the site is reputable.

    Available Space

    Text links – 1 (Normally sold out for months!)
    Sponsorship Position – SOLD OUT ( [url]Http://[/url] )
    Header Button – 1
    Header Banner – 1
    Left Menu Button – SOLD OUT
    Personal Pages – 2
    (Example –
    More details on [url]Http://[/url] )
    Private Tab – 1
    (Example – [url]Http://[/url]
    More details on [url]Http://[/url] )
    Email Shots – 2
    (Your URL and a few sentences about your site sent to all members, over 1500 now)
    Directory Submissions – Unlimited
    (Buy 2 yearly or 2 permanent submissions and get one free
    [url]Http://[/url] )

    You can view advertising pricing on [url]Http://[/url]
    These positions will sell out quickly, if you would like to take on any please email me back and tell me which position you are interested in and how long or how many you would like to purchase.

    I am doing a special offer for the personal pages and private tabs now, personal pages cost £29.95 / month when you purchase 3+ months and private tabs (With no other outgoing links apart from your own) cost £59.95 / month when you purchase 3+ months.
    Full information on [url]Http://[/url]


    NonStopArcade is a games arcade with over 2000 games and over 130,000 games played as of writing this post.

    The site receives 5000-7000 uniques / month and is currently PR3.

    160*600 Skyscraper – $24.95 / month 1 (This will replace the current skyscraper)
    Header Banner – $19.95 / month 3
    Right Navigation Button – 1 (Only ever 1 shown)
    Right Navigation Text Link – $9.95 / month – 4
    Game Sponsorship – $4.95 one-off – Thousands of permanent links for each game

    You can view pricing at

    Flop or Fold

    About Flop or Fold

    Flop or Fold is the latest site in the DeuceAce network, it is already receiving over
    1100 unique visitors every month and this is rising quickly.
    Flop or Fold is targeting the British and Irish market only.

    The site is currently PR3 as it was developed just before the PR update, I am expecting this to increase.

    As a special forum offer, I am offering 50% off the listed prices! This is a great deal to get in on a site that is going places!
    You can view pricing at [url]Http://[/url]

    Text links – 6
    Sponsorship Position – 2 ( Same as [url]Http://[/url] )
    Header Button – 1
    Header Banner – 2
    Left Menu Button – 2
    Personal Pages – 2
    (Like this [url]Http://[/url] )
    Email Shots – 3
    (Your URL and a few sentences about your site sent to all members on DeuceAce & Flop or Fold, Over 1650 now)
    Directory Submissions – Unlimited
    (Buy 2 yearly or 2 permanent submissions and get one free)

    You can view pricing at [url]Http://[/url]

    Gambling Affiliatez

    Gambling Affiliatez is…..a gambling affiliate forum ;)

    The site is PR4 and receives between 750-1100 uniques / month right now – Work is just starting on this site after partnering and I am also expecting this site to really go places, it has a great design and features that will attract a lot of attention.

    Pricing is very low right now just to get things going, so get in at these prices while you still can!

    Header Banner – £4.95 / month – 4
    Footer Text Link – £2.95 / month – 5
    Right Navigation Text Link – £4.95 / month – 5
    Directory Links – £9.95 / one-off – Unlimited

    You can view pricing at

    Rakeback Bob

    Rakeback Bob is a rakeback directory which is being totally revamped right now with a new design coming this month plus the database is being worked on behind the scenes to build it up to a wealth of information for visitors.

    The site is totally custom and a lot of work has already gone into it, it will be receiving a lot of traffic once the work is complete and I start driving traffic to it from all my other sites.

    The site is currently PR2 but this will increase without a doubt once it is linked to from all my sites.

    Header 728*90 Banner – £9.95 / month – 5 available
    Header 468*60 Banner – £4.95 / month – 5 available
    Left Navigation 125*125 Button – 1 Available (Replacing one of the current buttons)
    Footer Text Link – £2.95 / month – 5 available

    My Mac Poker

    Sitewide footer text link – £2.95 – 5 available

    Please post here or PM me if you are interested in any positions.

    Discounts available if you are purchasing £50+


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