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    CAP Listed Programme

    About Paddy Partners:
    Paddy Partners represents the Paddy Power brand, which offers sports betting, casino, bingo, poker, and games. We also look after two other Paddy Power products: Roller Casino, a standalone iPhone and iPad casino app, and Betdash, our social sports betting game.

    Our affiliate program offers revenue share rates that are specific to each product, including 25%-45% casino and games revenue share, 35% bingo revenue share, 25% sportsbook revenue share, and 20%-30% poker revenue share. We also offer bespoke CPA and hybrid arrangements.

    Paddy Power is best known for our controversial advertising that keeps pushing boundaries and beating the pants off the competition! If you haven’t seen any of our brand marketing before, then you should take a look at our YouTube channel which showcases the various stunts we’ve pulled off and adverts we’re running on primetime UK & Irish television. With shops throughout the UK and Ireland, and almost a million Facebook fans, we’re a well known brand that we hope your players will love.

    Affiliate Program Management:
    You can contact our team at affiliates@paddypartners.com where someone will get back to your email ASAP. Otherwise, feel free to contact:
    >> Luke Cotton, Affiliate Executive – Luke goes by Luke in the forum and can be reached by email at luke.cotton@paddypower.com.

    Signing up or Additional Info
    To sign up, just fill out the Paddy Partners registration form.

    Or, for additional information about the program, visit the Paddy Partners program page on CAP or post your questions here.


    Great to see you on here Luke!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)