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A 100 Reciprocal Link Experiment

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    Hello All:

    I would like free and honest opinion on an experiment I am in the process of completing for the purposes of reciprocal linking.

    Background: I have utilized “free sites” with subdomains in the past and have been able to get increased link counts in the search engines.

    Experiment: Based on this result, I founded 100 free subdomain sites, with a modest homepage and ten pages worth of links that I have exchanged over the past few months.

    I then emailed webmasters on the list and asked them to reciprocate the 100 subdomain sites via html I supplied to a location on their site where search engines would hit … in other words, if they thought the html I offered was an eye soar, they could put it on the last page and I wouldn’t care.

    Results: So far, I have received a few email replies.

    Half have been positive and the links were posted.

    The other half were tirades about Spam and using free sites, and the general fear that their own site would lose positioning in the search engines.

    I don’t believe that this experiment is necessarily a negative thing.

    For one, I return to my previous post about Google and the fact that reciprocal linking doesn’t seem to determine rank, although it can’t hurt (i.e. the fact that two casino sites for keyword “online casinos” in the top 10 have less than 250 links in google each).

    Two, my thought is that free sites exist on the internet and exist in even the harshest of search engines, that being, of course, Google.

    Three, the experiment really is about building the reality of these pages. By that I mean, if enough webmasters reciprocate the links, the search engines and King Google will realize that these pages have some general importance given the fact that their links are popping up around the web.

    Any thoughts?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)