25 Main Event Packages up for grabs…

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    This should already be promoted on your site, but if you forgot to
    list it, here’s a reminder…

    The $300,000 WSOP Mega Freeroll

    SunPoker.com is putting up 25 WSOP (Main Event) packages
    so your players can earn a seat at the grand daddy of them all.
    The best part, players can earn a $12K package for as little as
    10 MPPs (my poker points).

    Each week, you can qualify to play in the “weekly final”, where
    the winner gets a seat at the $300,000 WSOP Mega Freeroll on
    May 11, 2008. Twenty-five (25) packages will be given away on
    that date.

    Please promote this on your sites and forums if you have not

    Full Details Here:

    Best Regards,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)