Reply To: Republicans would ‘love to have’ Lieberman


I’m sure that it feels good to help. :)

H8 is where Gays were allowed to get married in CA, but was overturned for some reason and now folks are rioting in the street, churchs and other places as well as saying how they are so disappointed in the blacks for not supporting thier civil rights movement, but wanted change. :sarcasm: Not sure how the two relate, but I’m not going to go there. LOL

My only question is how the heck can they have a law like that and then have it overturned? Who voted for it in the first place if the majority was against it? I’m confused on the issue, but figured you would know the scoop since you are there. LOL

Skill games – (I guess these qualify) I’ve not really given them as much attention as my buddy Shay would like, but I did get lucky and start making money with Scratch2Cash and hope to push rummy royal more. My members are so into slots and casinos that I can hardly give away stuff at skill and poker sites for some reason. I guess they are just as legal as playing at an online casino.

Ok, I’l add that dinner event to my itinerary of adventures while in California. :)