Reply To: New Forum Button?

Renee;187108 wrote:
I would like to throw it out there to possibly add a new button to the forum where the other buttons live such as Quote, Edit and Thanks…

The button I would like to suggest is the “LOL” button.


1 – LOL is too short to write in its own post
2 – Sometimes you just want the person to know they made you laugh without having to explain yourself
3 – I have been told recently that a particular person imagines that LOL is actually the way I laugh.. by saying LOL. Obviously I need a place to let out my LOLs.
4 – People love to know that they made someone laugh or smile
5 – LOL is too short to write in its own post

Are they enough reasons? Is it even possible?
I find myself thanking posts because I just want to LOL at them…




It wasn’t enough to have 4 points so you duplicated the 1st one? Ok, we do have some issues on staying focused, but this one I caught mohahahaha