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If you are an affiliate at bet365, you have certainly noticed the re-branding of our home page and of your affiliate account.

You now need to update your tracking URL and we invite you to use our newest creatives.
In order to ensure that your affiliate links continue to work correctly, you must replace your old bet365 affiliate tracking URLs by December 15th, 2008.
Old tracking will stop working after this date, new tracking already works.

Tracking URLs now carry less variables
– Assign a tracker to a specific language so that your visitor will land on one of the 15 languages we offer throughout all our products
– Remember to use the product specific tracking URL for each product, that will convert better as they will land on the product specific page
– You can create by default up to 10 trackers for your different campaigns, if you need more just let us know

Update your text links now with the most relevant tracking URL. Get these from your “manage links” section in your affiliate account.

Our creative gallery is now powered with a state of the art ad-serving tool
– Choose the right banners from more than 40,000 different new creatives. No worries, the system is fast and it’s easy to find your banner
– All creatives associated with an “English” tracker are geo-targeted, displaying the right currency and offer (when applicable)
– Use the code provided by our hosted creative gallery; that ensures you are displaying the best converting banner as we have access to stats enabling us to know which ones convert better.

Update your banners now and let our ad-serving tool work for you. Get the new creatives in the “Creative Banners” section in your affiliate account.

Remember, you must update your tracking URLs and banners. Get in touch with any questions, we’re here to help if you need assistance.

If you are not currently an affiliate at bet365, PM and we’ll be happy to drive you through our offering.