Reply To: feeling sad


I want to join in and share my sorrows, but you all must be sick of me by now, so i thought maybe this time, i could try to bring a smile to others and turn around the negative with some positive…it may be to hard for me, but i will give it a shot.

reasons to be happy not sad.

Do you have love in your life? a mom , a dad, wife or kids…then your one of the lucky ones, and nothing can compare to that.

Do you have your health? can you go outside and enjoy the fresh air? can you take a walk to relax your mind and feel peaceful?? then you are a lucky one…

Have you ever had the unconditional love of a pet? a dog, cat, bird..etc..
There is nothing better, so when your feeling blue, think back to that loved friend and remember how you felt, if you can do this, your a lucky one…there is nothing like the feeling of having a animal love you, no matter what.

Do you have shelter? food?? clothing??…there are many who don’t…so if you do…your a lucky one.

Life can suck, i know i have had many, many pitfalls, and they still come on a regular basis…but the things that never change during the good or bad, are the people i love, the people i call friends and family and the animals i care for. If i dont eat for a day, thats ok…i could lose some weight, and i know tomorrow will bring food…if i don’t have any new clothes, thats ok to….i will just sit in my home naked! lol…..and i can do this, cause i have shelter, there are many who have to do this…outside, with no shelter.

Our profession is in the dumps right n ow….i have made no money to speak of for over 4 months now….last month 150$ and this month…..0…but i have hopes things will get better for me and everyone else…microgaming can kiss my ass, they have hurt my income beyond repair, so i am starting over,…with the hopes that rival will give them a run for thier money. who knows, this may turn out to be the best thing that could of happened for me…and you to!!

We need to be thankful for what we do have ,, it may not be much in our eyes, but it is everything in someones else’s eyes who has nothing. my family throws away more leftover food every night than we should, and there are children and families out there with no food, makes me ashamed of the way we live and for feeling sorry for oursleves when these poor people may die from starvation.

i am trying to look at the good i have, and not the bad, and if you do to, you may see things in a different way….and not be so sad…… may have light at the end of your troubles, and it may not be far away….good things come when you are not expecting them…. and your luck may be about to change.

I wish you and everyone all the best…and please be thankful for what we have, and have had, memories are the best thing to have, and they can get you through some tuff days and nights.

hugs and more hugs.