Reply To: This is why you dont want the official legalization


never seen an affiliate system worth $1 mil! more like $50K

And that’s why we are where we are :) But seriously, a good aff system would well cost $1 mil a month. You need to factor personel salaries, licenses (if any), maintenance/equipment, and let’s not forget that if competition exists, you have to advertise your affiliate program, just like you would a casino. My guess is the current big online casinos spend around $50K A MONTH on running their programs.

And let’s not forget the 30%-40% commission the current aff programs pay. which is the biggest expence of an aff program. If you run 1 mill ad and get 10,000 players, you have paid $100 per player (just an example). If each player on averages loses $300 per year, you made a cool 2 mills. If the 10,000 players came through RevShare at 30%, you made pretty much the same, EXCEPT, you paid salaries and service costs, not to mention advertising the program on various website (such as CAP), along with the headache of running this thing :)