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@john1124 186994 wrote:

and if you honestly think the major landbased sportsbooks will pay or need affiliates you are nuts!

Well call me a cashew then …

Sportsbooks love volume. Gaining bigger size and spread of bets makes running a sportsbook much easier and they can create situations and pricing where the sportsbook makes a profit no matter what results.

Sportsbooks are risk adverse operations that like to have a locked in profit.

Smaller sportsbooks actually have to handle markets where individual large bets can actually leave a sportsbook in a situation where the wrong resutl can cause a loss.

As Heimdahl has pointed out, in European jurisdictions where betting is legal and openly advertised, the biggest players in the online industry understand the importance of affiliates and the extra balancing traffic that they bring in.

Paying 30-35% share on the profits associated with that traffic is not considered onerous compared to not havnig that traffic at all … and it possibly works out more cost effective than TV and print advertising costs?

I see no reason why US licensed operations would immediately steer away from a proven method.