Reply To: How to survive 25hrs of flying


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Sorry I lied – Its only 22 hrs – And of course I am in economy – Its the only way we can let affiliates in free – I took teh hit for the team :hattip:

Am flying qith Qantas/BA via Singaporeand horribly land at 6.30 am or something on the Monday morning……Its going to be a long day!

I was thinking of printing lots of SEO articles and becoming a geek on the plane – You never know I may come off an expert!!

That will only use up two mins :) thats normal though…………right?

Well at least you’re flying with a good airline…

It took us 22 hours in total flight time to get to Barcelona from Sydney through Singapore – I’m guessing the 22 hours is total time from start to finish including the layover in SP?

Landing at 6.30am is going to kill you.. I would suggest that when you get in to sleep at least a couple of hours and wake up around 11ish then try to stay awake as long as you can before going back to sleep.. you guys are going to be hammered. :Cry: