Reply To: Net Neutrality Groups Urge Kentucky Ruling Be Voided (Update)


No, there is nothing to be done, and if you tried, you’d probably get arrested.
The Attorneys know what to do, and how to guide the thing.

I loved the one attorney’s reasoning when he said this:

The stay was sought by the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association. IMEGA’s general counsel, Ed Leyden, told Online Casino Advisory the stay was necessary to prevent damage that might be undoable from occurring while the order was being appealed. He said, “Once you squeeze the toothpaste from the tube, it’s not really possible to put it back in.”


Often they will stay a lower court ruling in Superior court, so it’s not like a really amazing feat, but it certainly takes the immediate heat off everyone until they get a REAL ruling.

Also understand, most Appeals LOSE, but this is so far out in left field, I personally think they will get the Lower court ruling tossed for a variety of reasons.