Reply To: Clash of the forums CAP and GPWA


@GamTrak 186739 wrote:

I agree 100%! Anyone that has an issue with being banned should handle it privately. Public fighting serves no good purpose and cause some in the community, that don’t want to be dragged in the situation, to feel uncomfortable whether they make it known or not.

Although some folks thrive on drama, we don’t need it here (other than in the Policial section) LOL and we all know the forums to visit if drama is the thrill that we are seeking. :hattip:

I respectfully disagree. This has nothing to do with drama or board wars. This affects our industry, as the two largest Affiliate Communities have fallen out with each other. Surely both GPWA and CAP should be on the same page working together.

This is in my opinion a very important issue and one that should not only be resolved, but the affiliates who are members of both communities should be told as to what has happened.

Whether you agree or not, Michael and his team are highly respected in the industry as are Lou and his team. I am hoping that they can work out any issues they may have with each other in London come January.