Reply To: Clash of the forums CAP and GPWA


@Nandakishore 186733 wrote:

“…unless they did something offending in this forum.

Thanks for the feedback. The fact is that those who were banned, were done so because at least one of these rules were broken either offilne or online. Lou (Professor) does not and will not ban people for no reason. He is very passionate about the affiliate community and his primary goal is to keep this forum professional and industry oriented. If you do have any questions about why someone was banned, you can contact the Professor directly via PM or e-mail.

As for the thoughts stated by GPWA, we choose not to got very involved in their politics as that is Michael’s forum and he can run it as he wishes. We did state our thoughts in their thread, however, CAP will remain professional and any forum bashing threads that are started within our community, even if they are targeting GPWA, shall be removed if the CAP Moderators and Administrators deem it necessary.

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