Reply To: Can we change the USA gambling ban now?


More ppl get killed in America from knives and guns than from terrorists.

You are very right on that, but many on the killing we see and read about are from lower income or minorities and there are times when things like this are brought up, the one bringing it up many times is called a bigot or prejudise so many don’t bring if up anymore, but I do agree with you, too much crime in this country.

When the FBI went after the mob, most were Italian at the time, I gave a lot of credit to Mayor Guliani. As an Italian himself hes went out and nailed them and at first I though how can one go after his own kind, my kind, but as time went by I came to realize the mob was not the glamor played out in the movies. If the FBI can end most mob crime, I just dont get why they cant do it in California. Little babies getting caught in the middle of drive bys, 13 yo cheerleader gets killed crossing the street by gang bangers, this is nuts. I have been getting a little hope type of feeling in Obama :Cry: lately, I’d love him to go after these gangs just like they once did the mafia. Too many good people getting killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.