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Agree with Renee.

The best mechanism is to try and get some shuteye on the flight, and the best way of achieving that is either to fly out at nighttime … or limit the amount of sleep that you have the day before you leave.

Flying business class will help your chances of sleeping, and I always find that a nice cheeseboard for dessert followed by a couple of glasses of really good port (not that aussie muck) is helpful for dozing off too.

Also this class usualy has good in flight entertainment, news, and individual films (with over 50 to choose from) so they pretty much cover your waking entertainment.

IF you are in cattle class, then it’s tougher. Get a window seat so you’re not bothered on both sides, or by people getting up.

Try and get a seat right at the front of the cabin partitions (where there is no seat in front) as that at least allows you to stretch out a bit and not sleep like a pretzel. Also bring an inflatable neck pillow, otherwise you’ll regret it when you wake up.

Alex what airline are you flying and what class? I’m assuming you’re flying economy just because you’re so worried about being entertained LOL

Agreed about window seat – I usually only get up once to pee on those long flights so window seat is perfect for me, however on the flight to Barca I was stuck in an aisle next to a couple who got up EVERY 5 minutes to do something.. I thought I should have just asked them for the window coz I wouldnt’ have gotten up but Helene and I weren’t seated together and had to sit on the aisle opposite each other after swapping to be close enough to chat when we got bored… Mind you I ended up sleeping the whole flight anyway (apart from being woken up) but I agree with G – if you can get that window seat your flight will be all the more better..

I was lucky to have an exit seat on the way home from Barca, however I have to say, I would have rathered an aisle seat coz when I sleep on the plane I curl up and put my feet on the seat in front of me.. I felt strange sleeping with my legs straight in the exit row..

The only problem with getting a seat right at the front of the cabin is that I’ve been told by a few people working for the airlines that they always put the babies at the front.. So if you dont have ear plugs you could get woken by screaming kids..

Also, I’ve found the very last back seats are almost always empty as they try to save those for the crew to sleep etc, and they also have more leg room than the other seats, so if you can get those you may actually be able to lay down to sleep :)

[ PS G – Jealous about the business class :P ]