Reply To: Which would you prefer?


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the support and the feedback, we always appreciate hearing everyone’s point of view.

“Don’t all the programs offer the same % rev share deal no matter working with the merchant directly or through an intermediary?”

This is not always the case, however when we launch new merchants in our network that have other affiliate programs concurrently running, we work together with the merchant to ensure that the commission offerings for our program are competitive and rewarding to affiliates. We are also always keen to try negotiate special deals on behalf of our affiliates. :)

“Is there any rating like “Certified Programs” for intermediary companies?”

Income Access is a certified affiliate network on CAP, and we have a sponsored forum here where you can find out more about the brands we partner with and our other services. :hattip:

I think it’ll definitely faster to receive payments directly than through a 3rd party,isn’t it?

All Income Access merchants are responsible for their own program’s commission payments. We do pay affiliates on behalf of some of our merchants, and the payments that we issue are done by the 15th of each month. However, we are working on some exciting new developments to further expedite the payments for all of the merchants in our network, and will have an exciting update soon!