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Regrettably effective november 5, 2008, Hot Pepper Casino management has decided to discontinue offering its product in the marketplace. Between now and December 4th, you can choose to continue to play at Hot Pepper Casino and/or, if applicable, fulfill your roll over requirement, and cash out your player balance at any time; the option to purchase will no longer be available.

If hower you wish to continue playing at an online casino we have arranged for you to do so at

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we hope you enjoyed your stay at the Hot Pepper Casino.

Hot pepper has been on a downhill spiral for a long time. Looks like they have hit bottom. This was to be expected.

Mainstreet: Why don’t you try offering two choices to affs:

Keep the 40%, bundled and neg carryover

Give a lower % alternative that doesn’t bundle or carryover

My guess is you will pick up a lot of affiliates that won’t work with you now, and both models are good and workable for your casinos.