Reply To: Gambling Wages STILL NOT PAYING ON TIME!

Robert G
Dcbonus;174570 wrote:
Hi Steve,

When will you come backe to me ?

I will now also give you my account infos here:

account id: 97 and account id: msve100

Gambling Wages:
account id: msve100

By the way i have now recieved some of my earnings from the month of Jul.
Thank you!
BUT $421,52 + 300 = $721,52 and not the $663 you pay me.
Same problem month after month after Nicolas move….
One thing is stats not sow the real earnings another thing is you do NOT pay me what the stats sai…. come one mann.

And PLEASE bring my 523 deposit players on Prism back to my accounts and show me the real stats! It is NOT first time this hapend.. Nicolas have fixed it before!

If you not fix things now i have to remove ALL traffic to Prism and Gambling Wages!

Thank you!

Since the post you quoted me, I never received an email from you but thank you for giving me your info now. I will look into your issue and will reply to you soon with an answer. We appreciate your time and patience on this matter.

Best Regards,