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Ok, since last night, I didn’t think iNetBet was a scandlelous casino. What happen was that I decided to play some slots yesterday and made couple deposits. While I was playing, I hit the bonus. At first I won $80 on the bonus. I seen the bonus round clearly with my very own eyes. (When the spins rolled and til the end of the bonus round saying $80 winner) it was up there for a whole min. THEN out of NOWHERE, the bonus round just snapped and said I won $20 instead.LMAOooo HOW SCANDELOUSSSSS can u get iNetBet! atleast change it when I didn’t see the whole play, gosh!!! I’ve been playing here since soo long. to tell u the truth, I’ve probably deposited more then couple thousands of dollars at your Casino and really never ever cashed out atleast once since 10 years i’ve been an customer at your Casino. (OK, MAYBE I’m not lucky lol) I once did had a chance to but you guys took sooooo long to cash me out, it was nonesense!. made players replay there withdraws due to such a long time to get winnings. I’ve decided to not support iNetBet any longer. They are rouged to me now! as a player and also an affiliate! which their program is not much better. I know I’ve brought them so many depositing players but my affiliate stats are a joke. I should have known they only select who will get paid or who will not. I’ve been around so I know the game but really, scams on a depositing, royal is just something I don’t accept. sart emailing back too! if a player sends you an email,inetbet. customer service is a joke!
Thanks for hearing me out ppl at CAP. :hattip:

I really don’t understand what you’re saying.

What game were you playing when you hit the bonus round you’re talking about? It’s hard to understand what could have caused a problem without knowing what kind of bonus round you mean.

iNetBet is one casino I will always vouch for.. (unless they do a complete 360). It’s always possible that there’s some kind of glitch. I’m sure all you have to do is to politely ask them to check your game history during the time you had this problem and they can see exactly what happened.

I seriously doubt iNetBet would try and cheat someone over $80. $80 isn’t much in comparison to the thousands they pay out in random jackpots all the time…

And as far as how fast they process cashouts, I don’t know where you play to get cashouts processed faster because iNetBet has cashouts processed and in my bank account faster then any other casino online… hands down! They process cashouts daily. The most you’d have to wait is 24hours unless you didn’t have all your id documents in order. Nobody cashes out instantly anymore, and iNetBet is lightening fast on cashouts.

Customer service is the same as always there, outstanding. No live chat or phone support, but their email support is usually very quick. But like any casino, every once in awhile they get backed up or something, and you might have to wait up to 8 hours or so. But that’s not the norm. Usually replies are back in minutes!

I play at iNetBet all the time. As a matter of fact, it’s practically the ONLY RTG I play because of their support, honesty, and lightening fast cashouts.

I really think you’re being a little unfair. I don’t doubt that something goofy seemed to happen during your play. But have you contacted them and asked them to check the game history? Given them enough time to do that and get back to you? How long did a cashout take that you say takes so long? I mean, after documents were in order…?

Did you even contact iNetBet about this and give them a chance to reply? Everytime I’ve ever had a problem, question or concern in the past, even when the only problem ended up being my own stupidity, they’ve always been more then helpful, patient, and very responsive until I understood and felt that things were resolved appropriately.

I don’t think iNetBet just pays SOME people as you insinuated. I think they pay players fairly and don’t really care from one player to the other… but treat them all well.

That’s my experience with iNetBet anyway.