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@AmCan 173854 wrote:

I think most Americans, those who aren’t pacifists, are in favor of a strong military and not letting “other people” fuck with us. What differs and what the fight is usually about it is “when we should pull the trigger” and when we should “let up”.

interesting, so according to you who has been trying to fuck with america? name one country that has tried to do that.

i’m quite flabbergasted by your comment. you don’t have to be a pacifist to realize that nobody is attacking you. your government is making a virtual enemy in order to enforce its interest in such places that the majority of your own citizens dont even know where the fuck it is on the map. wowa viva man…nothing personal, but i expected better.

Americans no longer have a government that is for the people and by the people. They have a government for and by special interests and an insane ideology.

But Americans have war, which lets them take out all their frustrations, resentments, and disappointments on “Muslim terrorists” and “Russian aggressors.” Few Americans are disturbed that 1.25 million Iraqis and an unknown number of Afghans have died as a result of American invasions based on Bush regime lies and deceptions. Even Americans, like Senator Biden, Obama’s selection for vice president, who understand that the wars are based on lies, still want the US to win. So, it was all a mistake and a deception, but let’s win anyway and keep on killing.

I know people who still complain that the US did not nuke North Vietnam. When I ask why Vietnam should have been nuked, they reply, “if we had nuked them we would have won.”

What would America have won? The answer is world loathing and the loss of the cold war.

For many Americans, war is like a sports contest in which they take vicarious pleasure and cheer on their side to victory. Millions of Americans are still bitter that “the liberal media” and war protesters caused America to lose the Vietnam war, and they are determined that this won’t happen again. These Americans have no realization that there was no more reason for the US to be fighting in Vietnam 40 years ago than to be fighting today in Iraq and Afghanistan or tomorrow in Iran.