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Heathfield “we” are:

Affiliate Programs Inc. (Owners of CAP, PAP, and a host of Affiliate service portals and networks)


FBME Bank of Cyprus

Please consult a tax professional in your state or country regarding tax laws. We always suggest you follow all laws. This is not a tax evasion vehicle its an affiliate payment solution. :hattip:

Casinogeld we just launched and the merchant approval process takes a week or longer. We have had seven programs apply this week. Hopefully next week approvals will be in order and we can announce who’s ready to process affiliate commissions. Due to privacy restrictions we cant name them until they are approved by the bank. In answer to the second part of your question we certainly hope all the major programs adopt Affiliate SpeedPay and are working towards that goal. Please help us get the word out. :hattip: