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Reply To: GW Affiliate Phone Support Go Bye-Bye


I contacted prism casino by chat a few months ago and they were friendly and helped me with nicholas email address. You can not ask them for affiliate support, they always refer to they affiliatemanager, but they are a service department and should act this way. James Cash is not particularly a helpful support employee his tends to keep the the conversation short and if not relevant he disconnects. Such thing is not very helpful for the image of prism casino which has not been very good anyway. I see less conversion the last few months since other support members left for holidays or otherwise and have been replaced by James Cash or others (ridiculous name by the way : which player wants to hear what he has got to say besides : you give me the cash man. If things do not change at prism I will remove the program.

I think it is strange that Nicholas has not yet responded to our questions at this forum. I hope there are no serious things going on over there which could harm us by surprise.

Best Regards