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Reply To: Rival software, anyone rate them?

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kwblue;135169 wrote:
I like the software quite a bit… What they need to work on, though, are wins that keep players playing. At this point – as much as I’ve played, I’ve never even COME CLOSE to getting a win that was even 100x the betsize.

I would say that my max may have been about 30x betsize, which is incredibly low.

Players will not play a ton if they don’t have the possibility of a large win… This is the biggest downfall of Rival casinos, IMO.

Totally agree with that. I am also predominantly a slots player these days, but there’s something still not quite right with Rival slots.

I do realise however that it is incredibly difficult for the slots programmers to get everything spot on and of course, they will never please everyone!

Their slots ARE fun to play, but like KW said, I NEVER get the feeling that I even have a remote chance of a decent sized win.
The other day I played one of their new ones & got about 6-7 bonus rounds in 100 spins. No big wins of course. But what do players want – lots of bonus rounds with small wins or playing for 100, 200, 300 spins without ever seeing a bonus round?

The biggest disappointment for me is their i-slots; Great concept & graphics, but the Reel Crime so-called ‘bonus round’ when you can win up to a massive 3 spins at x2 is just a total joke! 😡
Getting to the end of the ‘story line’ also has the same pathetic non-win. :madat:

My other complaint is when playing in auto-play there is virtually no gap between spins making it neigh on impossible to see how you just won something.
This really really really needs a time delay on it!

Otherwise; the software is very slick & cool looking, but a bit to heavy on graphics & memory demands to run smoothly on my laptop :(

Affiliate wise; Pretty good. Only 2 or 3 players so far but no complaints about the program. I do really like the weekly e-mails with activity status – better than any other program I’m with! :inlove:

Sorry, rather a long post! :blahblah: