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Reply To: Wingows Poker? Spam


@dgoin 135243 wrote:

I want to make a correction about something I typed. IT was not Wingows that was the problem with there cash outs. The problem was the network they were on. And I know quite a few people that still support them.

In Wingows defense this could very well be true. DGN is either owned by Futurebet or FB has their tentacles in so deep they might as well be. The network has a ton of sites rogued by Casinomeister on it and one skin owes out over $1,000,000 to players and has since these skins were on Ongame. There are tons of skins that have either disappeared owing money or are still taking deposits even though they are not paying.

Wingows was already a part of Dobrosoft when it became DGN and AFAIK has no ties to Futurebet other then sharing this network that is almost entirely full of rogues.