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Reply To: Affiliate Friendly Program


Just another observation of the potential ‘usefulness’ of this report..

I would imagine that a ‘starter affiliate’ would probably be happy with just seeing bottom line stuff (to see if they’re making money at all), then as they start to make things, it’s useful to then be able to dig into the figures – countries / currencies / individual players..

As for ‘being a start’ … I’m sorry again but I’m feeling that if it’s taken 3 years to ‘get started’ (and I STILL DON’T HAVE REPORTS THAT WORK) – then I’m looking forward to seeing what actually GETS DONE over the next, say – 3 months..

LOL – bet my affiliate account will be disabled soon (although it might as well be – I can’t see any stats, when I try to check my Account Info – I get an error).. and I’ve tried this on different PC’s so I know it’s not my PC – it’s the site.. VERY SUSPICIOUS!!

Is this just a delaying tactic (oh .. we’re waiting to see the results of the Poll before we do anything else).. lol …