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Reply To: Negative rollover?


I realized during lunch that part of my previous post didn’t make sense. :blush:

Of course the accrued money would be erased. If you have a negative balance to get out of, it could actually happen faster if you put the previously accrued money toward the negative balance. It doesn’t matter “how” the negative is paid off. One way or another, the affiliate will pay it off. Actually the current setup is probably the only good way to do it.

The issue, I guess, is the minimum payout. If the minimum payout was $50 instead of $200, I would be already have that $107.56 in my pocket. Of course, my current negative balance would be $107.56 larger at this point, and it would take me longer to get out of that hole, had the minimum payout been $50. Given the choice, I would rather take the money as soon as I can (i.e. with a $50 min. payout). Lower payment thresholds are always better, IMO.

Anyway, sorry CPDirector for going off about something that wasn’t really that big of an issue. I am still concerned about having multiple months of negative earnings with Euro Partners and Gaming Partners (I realize you can’t help me with GP).

My user name is engineer1553. If you could find out how my player(s) came out ahead in March, April, May, and June, that would be great. :hattip: Thanks in advance.