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Reply To: Stats problems

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Hi Dcbonus,

I received your email, and have just responded to you.

Here is an extract of my response to you:

Yes, I am aware that there is no wager data showing on your account as yet. As mentioned before, wager / player data will usually take around 24 hours to pull through to the new platform from RTG. As we began the testing on your account late yesterday (around 5PM GMT+2), we should see the data come through either by this evening, or tomorrow morning. If the data is not showing by tomorrow, then it is clear that there is a problem, which we will then investigate fully.

We believe in transparency, and will admit if there is a problem.

As for the 1 download and 1 sign-up on the stats before you started testing, I think I should explain how the new platform works:

1. Impressions and clicks are tracked and recorded using the links provided by the new platform.
2. The download and sign-up is tracked by RTG – your affiliate ID is written into the software on download.

So, even though you would have not had the new links live on your site, the RTG stats would have registered a new download and sign-up for you. Thus, when the daily data update to the new platform was done, the new platform would have shown 1 download and 1 sign-up on the stats, as that data is specific to August 2007.

I hope this makes sense. If not, please let me know and I will try to explain further.

As for the players showing no activity, I can only provide you with answers based on what I see on the player histories. As you could not open the excel file, I have included the histories of the 2 other sign-ups.