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Reply To: Stats problems


Hi Dcbonus,

Yess i see that.
And i can change my Address now and have!
Why dont you just said ok there was an erro but it is fixed now ??
How stupid do you think iam ?

First off, let me reiterate that I tested a number of accounts when you first raised this issue, and could not duplicate your error. In fact, they worked fine for me. I then, on your instruction, went into your account, and made changes, which you now confirm has worked. Please do not ever attack my integrity and my honesty! You do not know me, and there are many affiliates who can attest to my high regard for transparency, and that I am the first person to admit if I or the program I work with has made an error.

In addition to this, I find it strange that you are the only affiliate who has contacted both myself and my support team with the error of not being able to update details.

It is all hot air from you mann.

The 2 signups (1 dl and 1 signup was count before i set up banners) my account have count after set up the testing banners HAVE NO ACTIVITY ON THEIR ACCOUNT.

I have sent you a detailed report of the activity on your 3 new sign-ups as shown on your stats. If you look at the report for each account, you will see that these accounts have not generated any play / revenue, due to either declined credit card deposits, or the fact that your players are trying to claim coupons that are no longer valid (specifically FREE20 and FREE10).

As I have mentioned to you in my previous post, I am more than willing to see that this matter is addressed as quickly as possible, and to ensure that stats are in fact working correctly by the testing of your account which you have registered 2 days ago.

I will provide you with my findings on that test as soon as possible.