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Reply To: contacted by 21 Magic Casino?

Pol Pitt

Tribun and all hi,
Thanks for sharing and lets see what we can improve. you wrote:

“-This Casino definetely does not make players happy, which is why I do not recommend them. Combined with their fishy advertising tactics, they are a definete no-go!”

Can you pls elabourate on “does not make players happy”? We constantly upgrade customer support and we’ve had no real issues with any players in the past 6 months (you’re invited to challange us on this point with an actual player number and complaint log and we’ll take care of it).
So I’m not sure what qualifies as making a player happier in a certain casino.
And to your fishy marketing tactics comment – would love to hear more about this as well. Approaching affiliates via their “contact us” page, running an affiliate program and responding to posts makes someone fishy?

I welcome all criticism to try to improve, but if you can’t be specific then I’m not sure what the real issue is.
Always here to help,