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Reply To: current scum users


there are PPCs working with thiefware as an affiliate

exactly. I am getting , or should say was getting traffic from gator and still do get it from hotbar all thru paying findwhat for the privledge.

why should i pay fw $2 a click when I can buy it in volume for pennies on the dollar straight from the thief’s mouth, so to speak.

as for what should be done, well we tried all that boycotting, etc, and despite what I thought was an admirable effort by those that participated, it comes down to the fact that the scumware is winning.

I mean everybody I know that is even a little less knowledgeable than I am, has it on their PC and don’t know how to get rid of it.

and I take it off for them, they’ll have it back on there the next time I check it out.

Its here and you might as well deal with it and move on.

that said, a couple of things I have started doing to counter-act scumware is to put a warning on all my sites (or most of them anyway)

and I use frontpage so I put the warning on the top shared border telling people not to click on pop ups, and I make sure to try and have a link (going somewhere, sometimes its to the page its on) for any words that I thihk might be
. important to the subject at hand – if your subject is “the fortunate rock casino then make sure all references to such are already linked with your links, because I remember reading that some scumware will turn your text that IS NOT linked into their links, but won’t cover links that are already there

. mistakenly clicked on by surfers – it might be just the words click here but if you’ve left them open….

to be (more) sure, I always try to include as much of the sentence into the link as is needed to be sure to get the whole jist of the keyword covered. I guess a better example would have been that if you had in text : fortunate rock online casino – and you only linked the words fortunate rock; then it leaves open for scumware the keyword online casino. The surfer could click on it instead of fortunate rock – thinking its the same link; and end up somewhere else and follow the link from that site.

I can’t say how effective these methods are; but how effective do they need be, if like I said earlier, if the poor results that I have seen are more the norm than not; then it shouldn’t take much extra effort to avoid becoming seriously impacted by scumware.

and I’ve talked to some aff managers who will remain anon but they also told me that they didn’t get good results with scumware.

I get good results from decent PPC traffic so I don’t see why I wouldn’t with scumware except for one reason, the people are onto the jig and they’re pissed about it. therefore they aren’t going thru with conversions, perhaps visiting to type in the address later, for all I know.