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Reply To: current scum users


No, there is no such list. You may assume that those not listed as using whenu don’t do so – but like I said, there are dozens of other thiefware programs and all of them are used by some industry members. Also, it is largely up to the casino and not the aff program – so you will find programs where some casinos use it and some don’t.

Gator and whenu were the most profitable ones and their refusal to take anymore ads will get people looking at the smaller ones.

There are some that will, for instance, highlight the word BLACKJACK every time it appears on your website. If the visitor clicks on what looks like a link (not your link, just plain text for you) they will go to, for instance, Blackjack Ballroom.

Others will pop search results at search engines – so it interferes with the results from PPC traffic and SEO traffic also.

I have not really studied this in a year, and much has happened.

For instance, there are PPCs working with thiefware as an affiliate – the thiefware takes the top listings and pops them on search engines. Then they get paid for the clicks.

All kinds of business models out there now. It would be good to have a list of these and how they function, but I doubt we will ever have a complete list of all who use them.