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Reply To: current scum users


A better name for it is thiefware.

You pay the company to steal for you.

I realize Gator is not accepting ads anymore from casinos, and the tool only offers old cached results anyway. It clearly states this. It is still a good example of how this works.

I did not know whenu was fixing to quit taking casino ads – good riddance. It has done considerable damage to some of the web’s most reputable casinos. I am delighted to hear this.

There will be dozens of thiefware outfits left.

F&p, scifi would show a click but of course nothing else. Your hard earned vositor is stolen right after he clicks. This is a big part of why so many programs show so many clicks these days with no conversions.

I am not alone at all with the opinion that this is totally unethical – these companies are constantly in court and get many legal judgements against them. But because of advertisers who do not care that they are stealing from those who cannot afford to spend that sort of money, they continue to have enough revenue to fight the law. Some of the best and most affiliate friendly casinos are being hit the hardest. They are ethical and refuse to use such methods – and suffer.

Every general affiliate community has this as a topic for some time now.

If you think that the disappearance of whenu from our industry will put a stop to this – think again.

Try typing thiefware, spyware, adware etc in a search engine and do some research. There are lots of different types of thiefware. They are all booming. They are stealing us all blind.

When I dealt with this a year ago, I encouraged casinos to refrain from using thiefware and promised that affiliates would then prefer them.

Meanwhile things have gotten so out of hand that I cannot in good conscience ask them this – they are sacrificial lambs then.

What do you all think can be done about this? We need to stick our heads together and think about how to handle this. It seems that thiefware will rule – as one of the few advertising vehicles left to the industry.

Should we really all stand in a circle and shoot each other in the foot? And pay someone outrageous prices for the privilege to do so?