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Reply To: current scum users


Does this mean that say I have Sci-Fi Casino on my site, people that click on there are instead taken to Piggs Peak, that Sci-Fi will show a click in their stats program, or not?

Just curious because it would make sense of some of my stats for different programs. I have a couple that show a lot of clicks, enough where you’d think eventually someone would download at least, and then one where there are tons of downloads and no players. I noticed on that some of the scum targeted specific pages -new user, deposit, etc. of the target casino, so if that is correct then maybe potential customers are getting through sometimes to different points of the site you are promoting and then redirected. This would affect the stats of those programs. I do not know, just guessing here and asking really.

Is there any way, other than using Whenu’s program to find out who is being targeted?